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Our Story

Mrs. Bell loves a relaxing cup of tea and she especially enjoys it while spending time with friends.  In this world of rush and stress and go go go, steeped tea leads to slowing down, taking a breath and connecting.  Mrs. Bell always takes time to chat with those she loves and hopes this little shop with allow folks to do the same in a delightful, comfortable setting.  Afternoon tea, is a Victorian custom that you deserve whether it is an anniversary, birthday, bridal shower or any day you want to make more special.


Tea Parties

Afternoon tea with friends was an every day occurrence in Victorian times and we encourage you to carry on the tradition, and come often - you deserve it!  Also, every once in a while there are extra-special occasions and we want to share those times with you. 

Mrs. Bell began serving tea at children's birthday parties and they loved it!  We still hope to introduce youngsters to the afternoon tea experience with the "Mad Hatter's Tea" - any age will enjoy it.  Don't stop there, we would love if you booked your anniversary with us, or your office party, your bridal or baby shower, your retirement, graduation or any special occasion.  Tea parties aren't just for kids!

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